The longer version of his life story goes like this: Lawrence comes from the bush in New Zealand. He liked it there, but when he was old enough he left the hills to study graphic design and was awarded the ominous title of the ‘New Zealand New Media and Design Ambassador’. Lawrence soon found out that he liked moving images even more than still images so he knocked on the door of The Sweet Shop in Auckland and asked for work. Three years later and after being featured in Shots Magazine and winning a Gold Lion for his work on The Pet Shop Boys ‘Integral’ video, which was produced with The Rumpus Room in London, Lawrence once more thought it was time for a small change, so headed to the North of Italy to take up a 2 year artistic residency at Fabrica. Whilst at Fabrica he completed his first feature documentary ‘Rwanda Again’ in collaboration with writer Phoebe Mutetsi, which was shown on Italian/Swiss TV and played at film festivals globally. After 2 years of Spritz and Prosecco, Lawrence decided to move to Switzerland where he re-entered the world of commercials as a freelance director. Despite not speaking a word of Schwyzerdütsch, Lawrence still managed to create work for brands such as Louis Vuitton and BMW and even completed his first short film Skinny Boy which had its world premiere at the prestigious Locarno International Film Festival in 2013. Then, purely for the sake of consistency, Lawrence decided to move once more - this time to London where he started working as a director for hire in 2014. Say hello to him by writing to: lawrence.blankenbyl (at) gmail (dot) com